Celebrate Women’s History Month: Top 5 Activities in Des Moines Area

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Des Moines’ Celebrations for Women’s History Month

As Women’s History Month approaches, The Reader Wall brings you exclusive insights from our sources about the dynamic celebrations happening in the Des Moines area. With a slew of initiatives aimed at honoring and empowering women, the community is set to contribute actively in acknowledging the impact of women both locally and beyond.

Give Grace Give Hope Annual Period Packing Party

One of the most noteworthy events is the annual event, Give Grace Give Hope Period Packing Party. Slotted for March 8, the objective of this gathering is to collaboratively assemble over 8,000 period packs. These essential menstrual product kits are later distributed to a variety of locations, including homeless shelters, women’s resource centers, and human services organizations. The community event is brimming with opportunities for participation, with multiple sessions available and an option for those who wish to donate.

Mentoring for Women Summit: Leadership 2024

As Women’s History Month progresses, we witness the 2024 Mentoring for Women Summit. Scheduled for March 8, this summit is built around the motto of inspiring leadership among women. Our sources reveal that the event features coaching sessions led by 100 prominent women leaders from the Des Moines region.

Wake-Up Waukee Event

The Wake-Up Waukee event serves as a platform to introduce the community to Courtney Clarke, Waukee’s first woman mayor. Aimed at promoting civic leadership, it provides avenues for networking and constructive discussions.

Celebrating Women’s History at the Central Library

  • In addition to the professional sphere, families also get the chance to engage in the celebration. The Des Moines Public Library’s Central Library will be hosting an innovative scavenger hunt. This game aids in educating children about historical women, rewarding successful participants accordingly.
  • ‘Women in the Woods with Wine’ Event

  • Rounding out the activities is the ‘Women in the Woods with Wine’ event taking place on March 19. The event caters for women, female-identifying, and nonbinary adults over the age of 21, promising an educational evening centered around gray wolf biology and behavior. Attendees need to register and a fee is applicable.
  • To conclude, Women’s History Month in the Des Moines area is set to be a vibrant and enriching period of celebration and empowerment. With each event having a unique approach to honor women and their contributions, the community is sure to experience a multifaceted and engaging celebration.


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