California SB 848 Grants Employees Reproductive Loss Leave Starting 2024

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SB 848: A Milestone Law Improving Employee Rights in Case of Reproductive Loss

Introduction to SB 848

From the beginning of the year 2024, under the provisions of a new law recently signed by our very own Californian government, employers with a team of five or more employees will be required to provide reproductive loss leave. This move comes as a part of Senate Bill SB 848 which was given the nod on October 10, 2023. The legislation brings to focus the critical role an employer plays in providing support to their workforce during challenging times.

Confidentiality and non-disclosure at heart

The groundbreaking Bill further emphasizes the importance of maintaining employee privacy. It asserts that any request for reproductive loss leave and the circumstances triggering this should be kept confidential by the employer. Permissions for disclosure are limited to specific internal personnel or only when compelled by law.

Unlawful practices under SB 848

Non-compliance with the stipulated directives of SB 848 — comprising denial of necessary leave, unwarranted disclosure of confidential information, or participation in any form of discrimination, harassment, or retaliatory behavior against those who seek or take time off — would be considered as non-compliance and consequent unlawful practice.

Understanding the concept of a reproductive loss event

SB 848 defines any reproductive loss event in an encompassing manner. This entails failed adoptions, miscarriages, unsuccessful surrogacies, stillbirths, and even unsuccessful attempts at assisted reproductions.

Navigating the complexities of compliance

The law urges employers to seek guidance from seasoned employment counsel to aptly modify their existing policies, adapt new practices, and promptly train their team for a smooth transition. Despite being an enormous stride, this law is a part of a larger panorama in which California has successfully implemented numerous laws promoting improved leave rights in various scenarios over the recent years. This highlights the intricate legal obligations that employers need to maneuver carefully in order to ensure lawful compliance.


As exclusive insights from our sources indicate, the launch of SB 848 plays out as a significant leap for employee rights. This law embodies empathy and privacy — two keystones of a modern, nurturing work environment. With California setting the precedent, the hope is for more states to initiate similar reforms, thereby promoting a supportive work culture across the nation.


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