Bolton Wanderers Unite with Health Orgs for ‘Tackling Cancer Together’ Event

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‘Tackling Cancer Together’ Event: A United Stand Against Cancer

Under the banner of ‘Tackling Cancer Together,’ a football match was recently transformed into a common platform. Its aim was to elevate cancer awareness and promulgate important supportive resources and information. Numerous key entities collaborated to make this initiative happen, putting our readers right in the middle of this significant event.

The Cohort of Participants

Several prominent organizations joined hands for this significant initiative, transforming it into a powerful movement of unity and support. These include the Bolton GP Federation, Bolton Wanderers in the Community, Bolton Macmillan Cancer and Support Services, Bolton Hospice, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, Healthwatch Bolton, Answer Cancer, and Bolton Wanderers Supporters’ Trust.

Event Details and Objectives

Briefing on the unfolding of the event that started at noon, the thrust of the event was to disseminate critical knowledge concerning cancer screening. Furthermore, free basic health checks were also facilitated at the venue. Attendees were given access to multiple support services, demonstrating the emphasis on holistically addressing the diverse needs and concerns of those grappling with this grim diagnosis.

Empowering Attendees Through Digital Innovation

In an attempt to arm attendees with empowering tools and resources, pocket-sized cards bearing QR codes were handed out. These codes serve as a gateway to a vast online resource hub, designed to help attendees navigate their journey with cancer comprehensively and with resilience.

Sue Higson’s Heartfelt Testimony

As a beacon of strength and inspiration, Sue Higson, a warrior in the battle against cancer and the Head of People and Quality at Bolton GP Federation, reiterated the pressing need for early detection and interventions. Drawing from her personal battle with cancer, she resonated with the stark reality that one out of every two individuals is likely to face this terminal illness at some point in their life.

Early Intervention: A Crucial Message

  • Sue’s message was a heartfelt call to action for everyone present at this event. She underlined the crucial importance of early intervention, shattering the walls of stigma or fear associated with receiving a cancer diagnosis.
  • As a survivor and a healthcare advocate, her powerful words stirred a fresh wave of understanding and commitment among attendees, reinforcing the event’s fundamental aim of fighting against cancer through education, awareness and the power of unity.
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