Bayer Foundation Calls for 2024 Hawaiʻi Science Teaching Fund Applications

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The Bayer Fund Invites Hawaiʻi Public Schools to Apply for the 2024 Science Education Grant

The philanthropic arm of Bayer, Bayer Fund, is once again opening up its Hawaiʻi Science Education Grant for applications, seeking to support science education in public schools throughout the island. The program, which was launched back in 2005, has to date distributed over $366,000 and benefited countless local schools in enriching their science curriculum.

The Bayer Fund’s Contribution Towards Advancing Science Education in Hawaiʻi

The grant program’s primary aim is to strengthen the science educational infrastructure in Hawaiʻi’s public schools. It finances the acquisition of much-needed supplies, equipment, tools, and programs, thereby equipping schools with the means to advance their science teaching and improve the learning experience for their students.

Eligibility and Application Process for the Grant

Public schools serving students at the intermediate, high school, and college levels across the islands of Oʻahu, Maui, and Molokaʻi are all eligible to apply for this grant. For schools wishing to secure grant funding for the upcoming academic year, the deadline to submit fully completed applications alongside all necessary supporting documents is Friday, March 1, 2024.

The Bayer Fund’s Dedication to Science Education

This grant program exemplifies how The Bayer Fund is making meaningful contributions to foster and encourage science education in young people in Hawaiʻi. By offering financial support, it aims to ignite a passion for science within students, provide them with the tools necessary to better understand the world, and spur on the future generation of scientists and innovators.

The Track Record of The Bayer Fund in Hawaiʻi

  • Over $366,000 in grants since 2005.
  • Support given to public schools serving intermediate, high school, and college students across Oʻahu, Maui, and Molokaʻi.
  • Tools, supplies and programs have been provided to enhance the learning experience for students.
  • This is yet another example of the dedication shown by the Bayer Fund in ensuring the future of science education remains bright. By supporting our public schools, we hope to inspire our younger generation to make groundbreaking strides in the field of science.

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