Banking Crisis of the ’20s: US Government Now Among Top Threats, Cornerstone Advisors Reports

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The Ongoing Tumult in the Banking Sphere

The insight from our source pertaining to the tumultuous banking arena of the 2020s takes into account the dramatic transformation within the sector and the major difficulties creeping up. The issues in focus run the gamut from the metamorphosis of checking accounts, with the advent of digital banks and fintech companies like PayPal and Square, to the utilization of ‘zombie cores’, decrepit yet still active components in banking technology.

Checking Accounts’ Evolution

In the past, traditional banks held a monopoly over account services. That is no longer the case. Nowadays, fintech giants such as Square and PayPal are gaining momentum rapidly, causing a significant shift in the landscape of checking accounts. The convolution these companies are creating in the banking domain could have far-reaching effects on the way consumers handle their financial transactions.

The Zombie Cores Dilemma

Another significant point is the persisting use of ‘zombie cores’ – technology systems that are severely outdated but continuously in use. This issue poses a grave challenge to the banking technology spectrum, requiring prompt rectification to maintain productive workflow and efficient services.

Escalating Need for Skilled Workforce

The banking sector, a robust and ever-evolving industry, continues to face an acute shortage of skilled personnel. This increasing need amplifies the urgency for professional training and workforce development, to meet the industry’s evolving demands and ensure its sustainability.

Call for Authentic Creativity

The necessity for true originality outshines the appeal for apparent innovation. Banks need to go beyond glossing up their exterior and aim for deep-seated changes that can help them survive and thrive in this competitive and rapidly changing industry.

The AI Influence

The report also mentions the substantial impact of generative AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, on the financial sector. In addition to creating innovative opportunities, these technologies are transforming client interactions and service delivery in the banking sector.

Political Climate Challenges

The existing political environment also poses distinct challenges, with increased regulations and surveillance on banks. The banks now have to navigate these conditions adroitly to prevent any regulatory compliance faux pas and maintain trust with their customers.

US Government as a New Competitor

As per information from our source, the US government has paced forward as a potential game-changer in the banking scenario for 2023. This new development, bound to alter the sector’s competitive dynamics, will certainly mark a significant shift in the banking landscape.

The reformation of the banking world waits for no one. It is up to closely-knit banking units to adapt to this rapid change and implement corrective measures. This is crucial, not only for their evolution but also for their survival.


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