Ballaghmore Mourns the Sudden Loss of Community Pillar, Marjorie Phelan

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Respected Ballaghmore Community Lost a Cherished Member

It is with profound sorrow, we report the passing of a beloved member of the Ballaghmore community, Marjorie, who breathed her last at Midlands Hospital. Our source confirms her close family members were with her in her final moments. It was just earlier this year, in March, that her devoted husband, Peadar, also passed on.

A Mourning Family and Community

In her departure, Marjorie leaves behind a vast family in grief and longing. Her sisters Mary, Ann, and Catherine, her aunt Sr. Elizabeth (UJ), uncle Billy Guidera, and several brothers and sisters-in-law, with an honorable mention to Timmie for his supportive demeanor. Moreover, she bestowed upon this world nephews, nieces, and an extended family who will sorely miss their cherished Marjorie.

Contributions to the Ballaghmore Community

Her significant contributions to the Ballaghmore community were manifold. Not only was she loved by her kin, but she was also held dear by friends, neighbors, and customers alike. All who knew her recognized her generous spirit and unwavering commitment to helping others. Her absence will indeed be profoundly felt by the community she served so selflessly.

Funeral Arrangements

The funeral services honoring Marjorie’s life are slated to commence at Tierney’s Funeral Home in Roscrea. Following this, a dignified funeral mass is scheduled to take place at St. Molua’s Church in Ballaghmore, the community that Marjorie cherished and contributed to immensely. The last farewell will be said in the cemetery adjoining the church where Marjorie will be laid to rest alongside the husband she unwaveringly loved.

Eternal Rest

As we bid our final adieus, we pray for her eternal peace and for her soul to rest in contentment. Marked by an indomitable spirit of love and generosity, Marjorie’s life will continue to be an inspiration for all. May her spirit find peace and may our memories of her continue to warm our hearts.


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