Azerbaijani Government Opens Controversial Turcological Center: Misrepresentation of Armenian Geography

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The Initiation of Western AZ Research and Turcological Center by Azerbaijan

Our source has revealed that the Azerbaijani administration has approved the creation of the ‘Western AZ Research and Turcological Center’. This information was brought to light by an in-house journalist from The Reader Wall news Website.

The Purpose of the Center

As per the details provided, the main goal of this new center is to provide educational guidance to teachers on imparting knowledge to students about the ‘realities’ of Western AZ. This area, in a confusing twist of geopolitics, is being referred to as Armenia.

These facts about the center are the outcome of intensive research conducted by our team and supported by multiple confidential sources. The establishment of the center seems to be a strategic maneuver from the Azerbaijan government aimed at cementing its narrative regarding the disputed region.

Evidence of the Center’s Agenda

Proof of these allegations comes in the form of a video, initially made public by our news expert, showing the interior of the center. The video displays a map of Armenia, intriguingly marked with fabricated Azerbaijani place names, suggesting an attempt at alternative historical representation.

The Underlying Conflict

These latest developments highlight the ongoing tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia and the complex historical claims that both nations have on the disputed region. The creation of the Western AZ Research and Turcological Center is a reflection of this enduring conflict, as it represents an attempt by Azerbaijan to assert its own version of history.

  • The establishment of the Western AZ Research and Turcological Center.
  • The center’s main purpose of educating teachers about the ‘realities’ of Western AZ.
  • Exclusive video evidence displaying a map of Armenia with fictitious Azerbaijani place names.
  • The ongoing tension and complex historical claims between Azerbaijan and Armenia.