ASOFEST 2024: A Melting Pot of Cultural Heritage Fuels Abuja’s Economic Revival

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Preserving Cultural Heritage: A Key Focus of the Administration, States FCT Minister Mariya Mahmoud

The Federal Capital Territory’s Minister of State, Mariya Mahmoud, recently underscored our government’s dedication to upholding and enhancing cultural heritage. This assertion was made during the inauguration ceremony of the 10th edition of the Abuja Festival of Arts and Culture, fondly known as ‘ASOFEST’, a source told us.

Multiculturalism: A Pillar of Peaceful Co-existence

Mahmoud emphasized the crucial part of diverse cultures, habits, and traditions in forging and fostering harmonious living among various ethnicities within the FCT. As per our source, she believes cultural diversity is not just a phenomenon but a tool for peace and unity in any society.

‘Peaceful Co-existence, a Panacea for Economic Revival’

This year’s ‘ASOFEST’ theme: ‘Peaceful Co-existence, a Panacea for Economic Revival’ is in line with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda. It reflects a policy focus aiming to diversify the economy from oil dependency, foster peace, and forge harmony. Mahmoud highlighted the significance of such initiatives in the journey towards modernization, heritage acknowledgment, and storytelling.

The Imperative of Cultural Education for Youth

She stressed that it is particularly crucial for younger generations to appreciate and imbibe their cultural origins. Our source acknowledged that initiatives like ‘ASOFEST’ provide a platform for not only cultural interaction but also an opportunity for youth to understand and appreciate their diverse roots and heritage.

Beyond Celebration: ASOFEST’s Socio-Economic Impact

However, ‘ASOFEST’ is not just a cultural exposition. Ibrahim Aminu, the mandate secretary of the Social Development Secretariat, asserted that it is also designed to provide employment opportunities to the unemployed youth. Our team learned from our source that Aminu’s idea is to make the festival a hub of creativity and craftsmanship, fostering entrepreneurial skills among the youth.


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