Amit Kumar: Fiji’s Rising Star Reviving Traditional Lokgeet and Kirtan Music

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Amit Kumar – Bringing Traditional Fijian Music to the Forefront

Amit Kumar: A Pillar of Traditional Hindu Music in Fiji

Amit Kumar, a venerable personage from Vuci Rd, Nausori, Fiji has successfully etched his name in the annals of music history as a proficient singer of lokgeet, kirtan, and bhajan. The seeds of his musical journey were sown by his parents who were devoted enthusiasts of Hindu devotional songs. As a young boy, Kumar nourished his fascination with this musical tradition by accompanying his parents to various religious events, and honing his skills through performance.

The Turning Point

At the age of 22, young Kumar had a career-defining moment. He showcased his talent by performing lokgeet at his niece’s wedding. This performance served as a pivotal point in his journey. The overwhelming response and appreciation he received further fortified his commitment to music and singing and pushed him into creating more compositions and tunes.

Enhancing Musical Journey in Suva

In 1992, a significant move to Suva marked an additional milestone in his musical career. Here, Kumar secured a place in the renowned Vatuwaqa Baal Ramayan Mandali, thereby garnering recognition and validation within the wider community. On top of this, his encounter and training with the late Hari Kisun, his guru, added more layers to his art. The teachings he acquired refined his understanding of traditional music forms and imbued his performances with a distinct charm.

Audience-Oriented Performances

Kumar boasts an intuitive knack for tailoring his performances to suit the differing preferences among his audience. He thoughtfully selects the variety of music catered to different age groups and varied tastes. His aim is not just to entertain, but to create resonation and evoke emotional responses amongst his listeners.

Upcoming Projects and Future Ambitions

A zealous ambassador of traditional music, Kumar’s near future will see the release of an exclusive album of lokgeet. But his ambition does not halt there. A man of vision, he impresses upon the younger generation the significance of preserving traditional folk songs, and endorses active participation and parental encouragement in these areas.

Inherited Passion

Kumar’s devotion to traditional music is not just an individual pursuit, as observed in his children. His sons, who are 20 and 16 years old, exhibit a keen interest in traditional singing, carrying forward their father’s legacy with their involvement.

In Conclusion

Kumar’s journey is a testament to tireless commitment and love for traditional music forms. His narrative should inspire us all to appreciate the essence of our cultural heritages and strive to preserve them for the future generations to come.


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