Agonizing Altitudes: Colombian Socialite Fights Intense Pain After-Limb Extending Operation

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Colombian Influencer’s Effort to Increase Height Through Surgery Leaves Him In Pain

The 29-year-old influencer from Colombia, Yeferson Cossio, is suffering severe discomfort following a height enhancement operation. This costly surgery, amounting to $175,000, aimed to raise Cossio’s height from 5ft 8in to 6ft. Although successful, the aftermath is painful, restricting him to just two hours of sleep each night.

Progress Towards Height Increase Comes With Pain

The surgery included breaking Cossio’s legs and inserting rods into them. The rods were slowly extended over four months with the help of a remote control. Even though the height increase was successful, Cossio is continually experiencing intense pain. The pain is so severe that he fears he might collapse and wishes for the rods to be removed as quickly as possible.

Height Enhancement Surgeries Gaining Popularity

With more men opting for such procedures lately, the popularity of height enhancement surgeries has skyrocketed. Records show that the figures have doubled in recent years. While these surgeries are generally intended to fix deformities or replace a lost limb from accidents, many men are under the impression that a higher height promises better income, education, and opportunities.

A Journey Towards Healing

The painful rods in Cossio’s legs are scheduled for removal on January 25. Following this, he will start a strenuous rehabilitation program that includes learning basic activities like running, jogging, and walking. However, despite the suffering, Cossio’s medical team remains hopeful about his recovery and expect him to return to his usual activities. This optimism is grounded in the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, the place where Cossio’s surgery took place, which possesses a 95 percent success rate in limb lengthening surgeries. While minor issues like scars and stiff joints are common, serious problems are quite rare.


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