Acintyo Investment Launches, Targets Risk-Adjusted Returns in Global Markets

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Acintyo Investment: A New Player in the Investment Sphere

Introducing Acintyo Investment, a newly established investment firm with an eye on delivering consistent risk-adjusted returns to its clientele. The firm is proud of its primary focus on precision, innovation and a promise to redefine the global investment scene. Its leadership comprises established veterans of the industry, including Mr. Jatin Mansata, serving as the Fund Manager and Chief Investment Officer.

Company Leadership

Joining Mr. Mansata in founding Acintyo Investment are prominent figures Mr. Kamal Shah, Mr. Ajay Rawtani, Mr. Piyush Rambhia, Mr. Ravi Rajpal, and Ms. Khyati Mashru Vasani. This diverse team is the backbone of Acintyo, driving its operations and commitment to its clients.

Focus on Diversification

Acintyo Investment operates predominantly in the equity segment of the thriving Indian market. However, its market interest reaches beyond geographical borders, with the firm actively exploring diversification opportunities in the Japan market as well as the derivative segments of US indices.

Core Philosophy

At its core, Acintyo Investment passionately believes in risk management, diversification, respect for trading psychology, and expertise in the various market segments. These principles form the firm’s foundational blueprint and guide its approach in optimizing investment returns for clients.

Furthering Investment Excellence

Acintyo Investment’s official launch marks a significant stride towards investment excellence. This development underpins the firm’s goal of presenting itself as a trusted partner to investors looking for consistent risk-adjusted returns. With its dedicated team and strong philosophies, Acintyo Investment plans to deliver the best investment experience for all its clients.

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