A Symphony of Discontent: The Battle Over Kenyan Artists’ Royalties

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Moses Kuria Challenges Ezekiel Mutua Over Management of Artists’ Royalties

In recent news from our source, it has been reported that Public Service CS, Moses Kuria, has openly criticized the CEO of Music Society of Kenya, Ezekiel Mutua. The dissatisfaction aired by Kuria is related to the management and distribution of the royalties meant for Kenyan artists.

End of Exploitation of Kenyan Artists

Kuria emphasis strongly on the necessity of putting an end to the exploitation of Kenyan artists. He shed light on the government’s plans and actions for uplifting the welfare of artists in the country. Kuria touched upon the government’s intention about upcoming amendments in the Act with the aim to safeguard the rights of artists ensuring they receive their due royalty entitlements.

Investigation into Royalties Discrepancies

The issue comes into the spotlight on the heels of an investigation into the royalty amounts declared by the Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) – MCSK, KAMP, and PRISK. This was initiated by the Kenya Board and carried out in alliance with the EACC and DCI. The in-depth investigation brought into the light some inconsistencies in the declared amounts along with concerns over the distribution of royalties to the artists.

Ezekiel Mutua Defends Distribution Process

In defense to the claims and criticisms around, Ezekiel Mutua stood up for the royalty distribution process. Mutua expressed his doubts over the existence of the supposed ‘70% rule’ for allocation. Along these lines, Mutua further highlighted Skiza Tunes as a leading source of revenue for artists. He suggested that optimizing this particular source could potentially be more beneficial and a better solution than questioning the current dispute.

The Road Ahead for Kenyan Artists

The stage is set for a vital discourse concerning the rights and welfare of Kenyan artists. It is of high significance how the new alterations in legislation handle this complex issue which has been a matter of concern for a long time. On one hand, where Public Service CS Moses Kuria is centric on putting an end to artists’ exploitation, on the other hand, Ezekiel Mutua, CEO of Music Society of Kenya, is proposing more of a balanced outlook by finding innovative solutions within the existing system. Only time will tell the success of these diverse perspectives in the restoration of Kenyan artists’ rights.


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