71 Steps: Edinburgh’s New Bagel Brunch Spot Opens by Bearded Baker Owners

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New Bakery Launches in Edinburgh: 71 Steps

A new participant in Edinburgh’s growing culinary landscape, 71 Steps, has officially opened its doors in the heart of the city. Known for a diverse menu focusing on brunch and lunch dishes, the bakery boasts a unique speciality in filled bagels. Predominantly incepted by the proprietors of the renowned Bearded Baker, which is a stone’s throw away situated on Rodney Street in Canonmills, this establishment seeks to offer a fresh dining experience to its patrons.

The Concept Behind 71 Steps

71 Steps is not just another eatery in the city. It echoes a conscious effort to cater to locals as well as visitors, with a menu that suffices a delightful mid-day chow. The underpinning thought is to provide a culinary spot that fits into the city’s everyday rhythm. It’s all about preparing culinary masterpieces that people can enjoy and transform a regular meal into an extraordinary one.

The Impact on Bearded Baker

The launch of 71 Steps has led to a strategic shift at the Bearded Baker. The popular bakery is tweaking its business model to favor more of a takeaway approach but will continue to provide sit-in service. Keeping in mind the early risers and parents, the Bearded Baker has reshaped its operational timings to better cater to morning commuters. This transformation seems to present a harmonious blend of convenience and tradition, marking a new chapter in its growth story.

What Sets 71 Steps Apart

71 Steps is not just a sibling to the Bearded Baker; rather, it reflects an extension of its personality – albeit with several distinctive features. The sitting area in 71 Steps has been extended to accommodate double the crowd compared to Bearded Baker. The menu has been expanded, offering a wider spectrum of culinary delights. Adding to the comfort of patrons, it remains operational seven days a week.

Community Response

Since its announcement, 71 Steps has generated a sense of anticipation and excitement throughout the community. The enthusiasm has been palpable with many promising visits and expressing an eager desire to savour the bakery’s delights. This response reaffirms the potential of 71 Steps to become a favourite amongst local and visitors alike.

Looking Forward

There is a positive air of anticipation around the grand opening of 71 Steps, with patrons and culinary aficionados keenly looking forward. This innovative establishment holds a promise to redefine the culinary experience and offer something new to every visitor. The journey of 71 Steps has just embarked, and it seems set to leave a scintillating mark on the city’s culinary scene.

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