3P Biopharmaceuticals and Biovian Combine to Create 3PBIOVIAN, Biologics CDMO Pioneer

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A Strategic Merger Forms New Biologics Venture 3PBIOVIAN

In a recent development, Biovian and 3P Biopharmaceuticals, two prominent biologics Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs), officially announced their merger. The unified entity, titled 3PBIOVIAN, has been brought to life by their mutual investor, Keensight Capital. The move forges a new European leader in the biologics CDMO sector, prepared to cater complex customer demands throughout the evolution and processing of biopharmaceutical products.

Creating a Powerful Biopharma Powerhouse

The ultimate aim of the merger is to combine the unique skills, abilities, and financial strength of the two organizations, crafting a platform that offers full-fledged development and manufacturing services. Encompassing a wide variety of protein expression systems and viral vectors, these services will extend from the initial preclinical stages through to commercial phases. Joint sales for the newly created entity are expected to soar past an impressive €75 million, which reflects the consistent double-digit growth both participating companies have been demonstrating.

Expanding Global Reach and Service Portfolio

With manufacturing facilities in Pamplona-Noáin, Spain and Turku, Finland, and a commercial office in Boston, MA, the USA, 3PBIOVIAN is positioned to serve clients worldwide. The conglomerate aims at offering a comprehensive portfolio of services that include microbial and mammalian expression, adenoviruses, adeno-associated viruses, cell therapy, and plasmids. The wide array of bioreactor sizes guarantees production scale versatility, able to satisfy a myriad of customer needs.

Steering the New Venture: Existing Leadership with Enhanced Investor Support

At the helm of 3PBIOVIAN, Dámaso Molero Sánchez and Antti Nieminen, CEOs of the original companies, will take charge. They are joined by other important executives from both companies. Keensight Capital will sustain its support for the Group’s planned trajectory for growth, with minority shareholders ERES IV and Sodena also continuing their investments. This consolidated effort aims to further thrust 3PBIOVIAN into a leadership role in the global biologics CDMO market.

The establishment of 3PBIOVIAN is indeed an exemplar event, displaying how strategic mergers can form entities that can effectively cater to a diverse range of customer needs in the biopharmaceutical sector. The future holds exciting prospects for this biopharma behemoth, and the industry awaits the impact of their expansive service range and impressive capabilities.

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