Yearly Aiken Formal Wear Humanity Lottery Charity: An Uplift of Promise for Psychological Well-being

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Second Annual ‘Aiken Black Tie Human Bingo’ Event: A Triumph For Mental Health Causes

Our sources recently brought attention to a remarkable community event, the ‘Aiken Black Tie Human Bingo’. Organised by the Mental Health America of Aiken County (MHAAC), the event took place at the grand Woodside Country Club. The primary aim of the event was to raise funds and increase awareness for mental wellbeing and suicide prevention initiatives, and it was immensely successful in selling out all its tickets.

An Enthralling Game for a Revered Purpose

The main attraction of the event was a unique game of human bingo, where attendees got the thrilling opportunity to serve as the game pieces. The innovative format was a hit among the participants, creating an atmosphere of friendly competition and camaraderie. Winners were indulged with a range of prizes such as vacations and gift baskets generously supplied by local businesses. Among other prizes, attendees also had the chance to win a variety of raffle prizes including a jeweler’s gift basket, and tickets for popular football games.

Fundraising for Crucial Mental Health Campaigns

One of our esteemed sources, Amy Patheja, who is also part of MHAAC’s Board of Directors, revealed that the funds raised would be used to support suicide prevention efforts and help families dealing with the trauma of suicide. The last year’s event raised a monumental sum of $80,000, which was used for improving the MHAAC suicide hotline, implementing mental health awareness programs in schools, and training more volunteers to fuel the hotline service. Since its inception, this lifeline has been responsible for saving over 520 lives as of 2020.

Backing Essential Services Personnel

An important aspect of this year’s event is the intention to provide vital mental health services to police officers and other first responders. While the total fund raised from the recent event is yet to be finalised, anticipation runs high due to the event’s fame and the public’s spirit of charity.

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