UMass SGA Election Debate 2024: Candidates Tackle Campus Issues, Safety, and Affordability

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University of Massachusetts Student Government Association 2024 Presidential Debate

On March 4, our source confirms that the University of Massachusetts Student Government Association (SGA) held the 2024 Presidential Debate. The event took place in the Student Union Ballroom and featured dynamic and driven candidates who are vying for the roles of SGA president, vice president, and student trustee.

Moderation and Candidate Introduction

The Massachusetts Daily Collegian staff took on the role of debate moderators, effectively facilitating a robust discussion about important campus-related issues. Freshman candidates Kundayi Mazando and Meghan Welch, who are campaigning for the posts of president and vice president, respectively, underscored their desire to fight racism on campus and improve the SGA’s outreach to students, with particular attention given to freshmen.

Key Issues and Propositions

Joel Carey, another rising student leader, placed an emphasis on highlighting student voices and bolstering student life organizations. On the other hand, experienced SGA members like juniors Colin Humphries and Dale Leone showcased a strong student-centric leadership approach, pledging devotion to campus enhancements.

Debate Highlights

Among the significant discussion points were precarious issues concerning the safety of Jewish and Muslim students in light of the Israel-Hamas conflict. Several candidates proposed a variety of approaches to improve safety and promote dialogue including conversations with the UMass Police, engaging in negotiations with school administrators, and cultivating dialogue among the students themselves.

Student Trustee Candidates

Student trustee candidates, Felicity Oliveira and Carol DeRose, outlined their strategies in dealing with key issues. They’ve focused their attention on tackling tuition affordability, making housing cost transparency a priority, and addressing accessibility concerns for students with disabilities.

Upcoming Voting

With the voting for the SGA positions set to commence after the debate, it reflects the active involvement and commitment of the campus community in shaping student governance and representation.


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