Tragic Incident in Malappuram: Man Dies as Autorickshaw Overturns Avoiding Wild Boar

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Unfortunate Accident in Kerala calls Attention to Wildlife Hassles on Highways

Malappuram Mishap: Autorickshaw Driver Loses Life in Wildlife Encounter

From our local updates, a distressing episode unfolded in Kerala’s Malappuram district recently where an autorickshaw driver lost his life in a most unexpected manner. This incident calls to the spotlight, once again, the unpredicted threats that wildlife can introduce on highways leading to severe road mishaps.

An Untimely End

Identified as Shaffique, a 45-year-old autorickshaw driver, met with a deadly incident. The accident took place in the Karakkunnu area falling under the jurisdiction of the Edavanna police station on Tuesday night.

The Incident

As per the reports from our sources, Shaffique’s vehicle toppled when he veered off suddenly to evade a wild boar that appeared on the road unannounced. Shaffique was promptly taken to a nearby medical center for assistance, unfortunately, however, the gravity of his injuries proved to be insurmountable and he breathed his last on the way.

Wildlife and Road Safety

This calamitous incident reiterates the latent dangers associated with the unforeseen appearances of wildlife on roads. The issues of wildlife roaming highways at night poses significant risks to motorists who may struggle to react in time, leading to fatal accidents. Enhancing effective measures for wildlife control is crucial to prevent such incidents.


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