T.N. unites SC/ST business owners, displays their goods, abilities

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Revolutionary Initiative Gauges SC/ST Entrepreneurs

This transformative initiative by the State government was launched at the “TN BEAT EXPO 2024 – Build Entrepreneurs in Adi Dravidars and Tribals”. This event brings together SC/ST entrepreneurs for one of South India’s largest business symposiums and exhibitions. The event was facilitated by the State government in collaboration with Tamil Nadu Adi Dravidar Housing and Development Corporation Limited.

Empowering SC/ST Entrepreneurs

K.S. Kandasamy, Managing Director at TAHDCO, commented that societal stigma often hinders many talented entrepreneurs. Several entrepreneurs fail to secure loans due to a lack of project reporting skills—an issue this event aims to rectify by providing comprehensive education and guidance. Furthermore, the event also aims to aid rural enterprise owners who experience slowed growth beyond a certain point.

Exhibition Highlights

Approximately 400 exhibitors took part in the event, demonstrating over 5,000 consumer products created by SC/ST entrepreneurs across the state. Udhayanidhi Stalin, Minister for Youth Welfare and Sports Development, inaugurated the event. He also emphasised the significant role of SC/ST entrepreneurs in the state’s quest to establish a $1 trillion economy.

Marketing Challenges

Despite the range of innovative consumer products showcased, entrepreneurs voiced concerns about the difficulty of marketing their products beyond their local region. They hope this event will offer valuable insights into market dynamics and help formulate effective marketing strategies on a national scale.

The Need for Digital Presence

Currently, many entrepreneurs lack an online platform to display their products to the world. Suthagar Selvaraj, Director of Arola, emphasized the need for improved marketing skills and increased product awareness. He said, if properly marketed, SC/ST-produced products can compete at high levels in the market.

State Government Assistance

Several departments from the State government also participated in the event, setting up stalls to present various schemes and initiatives dedicated to the SC/ST community. Representatives from these departments explained various schemes and loan opportunities to the entrepreneurs. Bank representatives were also in attendance at the event.

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