Stranded and Laughing: The Uncertain Future of ‘Fired on Mars’

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Uncovering “Fired on Mars”: A Brilliant Animated Sci-Fi Comedy TV Series

Series Introduction

The “Fired on Mars” series is an exceptional creation in the world of American adult animation. Premiering on April 20, 2023, this sci-fi comedy was brought to life by the talented duo Nate Sherman and Nick Vokey. It’s an expansion of their 2016 animated short film that garnered significant recognition. The series stands as an inventive blend of humor, challenges, and the concept of job redundancy set against the backdrop of Mars.

The Inspiring Character of Jeff Cooper

The show orbits the life of a graphic designer named Jeff Cooper. As an employee of, the only human settlement on Mars, his existence takes an unexpected turn when he loses his job. Cooper’s struggle, marooned on Mars without employment, forms the crux of the narrative. The unique predicament strikes a perfect balance between humor and the complex challenges he faces.

Critical Acclaim and Audience Reception

Since its premiere, the first season of “Fired on Mars” has been welcomed warmly by audiences and critics alike. Boasting an impressive IMDb score of 6.9 out of 10, and an 83% Audience Rating on a popular review aggregator, the series undoubtedly ranks high in terms of viewer engagement and satisfaction. Despite the acclaim, its future hangs in the balance as there’s currently no word on the release date for Season 2.

Uncertainty Surrounding the Second Season

While fans eagerly wait for updates, the fate of Season 2 still remains a mystery. Neither has the series been officially renewed for another season, nor has it been dismissed, leaving fans in suspenseful anticipation about its future. If predictions ring true and the series gets the green light for renewal, the scriptwriting and filming process could indicate a potential release by mid to late 2025.

The Stellar Voice Cast

“Fired on Mars” is powered by a stellar voice cast including established talents such as Luke Wilson, Tim Heidecker, and Pete Davidson. Their performances lend an additional layer of personality to the engaging narrative and off-beat humor, prompting audiences to tune back in for every episode.


  1. If renewed for another season, “Fired on Mars” will undoubtedly surge in popularity and continue to pioneer in the realm of animated sci-fi comedy.
  2. As it stands, fans can only hope and wait for official confirmation regarding Season 2. The creators have certainly left audiences with an intriguing ending that hints at many more adventures for Jeff Cooper on Mars.
  3. Only time will tell if Season 2 will take us back to Mars for more laughter, challenges, and creative storytelling. Stay tuned for updates from our source.
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