StackOne Secures $3.6M Seed Funding, Led by Episode 1, to Revolutionize SaaS Integrations

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StackOne Secures $3.6 million in Seed Funding

From our trusted in-house sources, we have learned that StackOne, a leading provider of embedded integration platform as a service (embedded IPaaS), has successfully gathered $3.6 million in a recent seed funding round. This staggering financial milestone was primarily driven by Episode 1, a top-tier investor that plays a pivotal role in supporting the UK tech startup ecosystem.

Funding Contributions from Industry Giants

Various industry giants have also made remarkable contributions in the latest funding round, including Playfair Capital, Portfolio Ventures, Charlie Songhurst, Sequoia’s Scout fund, and others that carry significant weight in the tech industry. Moreover, angel investors comprising the co-founder of Github and senior executives from multinational tech firms such as Google, Microsoft, Salesloft, Tessian, Hackajob were also part of this collaboration.

Utilizing the Funds for Expansion

StackOne is the brainchild of ex-Google and Oracle luminaries Romain Sestier and Guillaume Lebedel. They have conceived plans to leverage the newly-acquired funds to enrich their AI capabilities and uphold their unified API offering for the SaaS sector. Emphasizing on strategic growth within the US, EU, and Australian markets, the company envisions adapting to the ever-growing SaaS industry.

Impressive Revenue Growth

Since our sources first detected its inception, StackOne has manifested with exponential ARR growth, doubling its revenue in recent weeks. The company stays committed to simplifying SaaS integrations, offering real-time, secure, and compliant standardized APIs for diverse software categories. As a result, StackOne provides seamless product connections within the customers’ ecosystems, enhancing their overall experience.

Backing from Key Investors

Two of the significant investors, Episode 1 and Playfair, couldn’t help but express their support towards StackOne’s vision. They have noted the intricate integration challenges that tech teams face daily and lauded StackOne’s potential in becoming a top choice for tech squads that prioritize privacy. By implying this sentiment, these investors demonstrate their affirmation of StackOne’s evolutionary model to redress the tech integration challenges that have been troubling the industry.

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