Spotify Criticizes Apple’s Adherence Scheme to EU’s Digital Trade Law as a ‘Utter Mockery’

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Spotify Lashes Out at Apple’s Digital Markets Act Compliance Strategy

The forthcoming implementation of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) by the European Union (EU) has provoked criticism from streaming giant Spotify against tech conglomerate Apple. The company described Apple’s approach towards the new regulations as “a complete and absolute mockery.” The DMA, which is set to take effect in the coming month, is designed to give developers more liberty in choosing different app stores and payment systems within their applications, this freedom is in contrast to the current setup where they are bound by Apple’s in-house options.

Apple’s Unpopular Proposal

Apple currently levies a commission charge of up to 30% for using their in-app payment service. The introduction of the DMA, however, empowers developers with the right to avoid these charges. In response, Apple intends to implement a new cost, labeled a “core technology fee,” charging 50 euro cents per user account annually. Spotify, which would incur a 17% commission if it chooses to continue using the App Store while utilizing its own payment system, has expressed its disapproval of the proposed change.

Apple Stands its Ground

However, Apple retorted to Spotify’s accusation by stating that their new policy would result in over 99% of developers seeing no increase in charges or, in some cases, a reduction. Spotify’s CEO, Daniel Ek, contests this claim, alluding that higher fees would escalate customer acquisition costs for his company as well as other large apps with a sizeable EU user base.

Regulatory Oversight

Amidst the ongoing tension, EU’s industry head sent out a warning implying that Apple’s proposed App Store changes, if they fail to comply with the new regulations, could face major repercussions. Ek has been petitioning lawmakers to pay close heed to Apple’s activities and remain resolute against their alleged subterfuge. Ek added that their situation calls for global attention. The digital marketplace remains stirred up, with anticipation high as these technological behemoths wrestle over the contours of future online commerce.

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