South Korea’s Deputy Unification Minister: North Korean Escapees Crucial for Unity

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South Korea Valuates North Korean Defectors as Unification Assets

The Vice Unification Minister of South Korea, Moon Seoung-hyun, illustrated the incalculable importance of North Korean defectors during an inter-agency meeting. Moon termed these defectors as “valued contributors,” crucial to the process of reunification. According to our sources, the said gathering involved nearly 20 government ministries and three regional governments. The principal focus was to discuss plans for effectively facilitating North Korean defectors’ incorporation into society and confronting human rights grievances in North Korea.

Valuing North Korean Defectors

The South Korean President, Yoon Suk Yeol, has routinely stressed the need to value the North Korean population. Yoon upheld their right to freedom, human rights protection, and economic prosperity, all fundamental principles treasured by South Korea. He, therefore, ordered the ministry to allocate a specific day dedicated to the recognition and appreciation of North Korean defectors, an action that has since received much approval and support.

Moon’s Promise and North Korean Defectors’ Role

Endorsing President Yoon’s views, Moon Seoung-hyun pledged to set a special day in honor of the defectors. Moon commended these defectors’ substantial contributions to South Korea’s preparedness for reunification and national development. The firsthand information and knowledge gained from North Korea by the defectors serve as immensely rich resources. South Korea can derive valuable insights from their experiences in its pursuit of strengthening relations with North Korea.

The State of Defectors in South Korea

According to ministry records as of last year, South Korea harbored 34,078 North Korean defectors. These people had courageously abandoned their native land in pursuit of freedom and better opportunities in South Korea. Their existence in South Korea symbolizes not only the aspiration for a merged Korea but also manifests the power of human resilience when confronted with difficulties.

Our sources will continue to follow this development closely and provide updates when necessary.

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