Silver Lions Group Remains Watchful: Initiative KidSight Protects Kids’ Sight

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Continuing a Legacy: Sterling Lions Club Upholds Two Decades of Child Vision Protection

The Sterling Lions Club has recently advanced its unwavering commitment to preserving the precious gift of sight in children. Through their Project KidSight, the organization continues the legacy it established over 20 years ago. The latest move in this pursuit saw the Club’s members utilizing a robust tool, the KidSight camera, to screen 106 children in two preschools based in Sterling. This test adds to the previous fall’s screening of an additional 65 students, marking significant strides in the Club’s mission to protect vision.

A Revolutionary Tool for Vision Screening

The heart of this child-centric initiative is the Mobile Vision Screener, an advanced tool provided by the Colorado Lions Foundation. Shared among the Sterling, Brush, and Fort Morgan Clubs, this state-of-the-art technology facilitates prompt detection of any potential vision problems. The use of this touch-less technology enables the quick identification of children needing specialist eye care, thereby preventing any irreversible long-term problems.

Stepping In Where Necessary: The Sterling Lions Club Initiative

The Club’s service goes beyond basic screening; they step forward to help those who cannot afford eyeglasses for their children. Given that learning is 80% visual, early detection of vision issues becomes critical for a child’s development. The KidSight camera helps in identifying key risk factors contributing to amblyopia (lazy eye), such as strabismus, refractive errors, and unequal vision among the eyes. Furthermore, the tool can also pinpoint graver issues such as cataracts and eye cancer.

Project KidSight: Upholding a Century-Long Commitment

Despite the passage of decades since the 1920s, Lions Clubs International has stayed true to its core focus: vision. This cause was highlighted when Helen Keller challenged the organization to become ‘knights of the blind’ – an honorary title the Sterling Lions Club constantly attempts to live up to through Project KidSight. They ensure the organization’s commitment to vision never wavers, and strive to make the future brighter and clearer for all children.

Looking Ahead: The Sterling Lions Club’s Vision for the Future

The Sterling Lions Club continues to earn the trust of the community with its noble commitment to safeguarding children’s eyesight. By harnessing the power of technology and channeling an unwavering dedication, the Club is steadfast in its vision to ensure a bright future for the young generation. The Club’s tireless efforts, just as they have for the past two decades, remain firmly rooted in the belief that no child should be left behind when it comes to vision protection.

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