Silvanus Osoro stands by his actions during the clash with Governor Arati’s team

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South Mugirango Member of Parliament, Silvanus Osoro, has defended his actions and those of his team during a recent confrontation with Governor Arati’s entourage. Osoro cited provocation as the trigger for the altercation, which occurred during a bursary awarding function led by Arati. The clash escalated into violence, with gunshots ringing out and at least four individuals getting injured.

Osoro’s Team Provoked

According to Osoro, the conflict was instigated by Governor Arati’s team, who allegedly vandalized his car, pilfered public address equipment, and assaulted his driver. In response to these actions, Osoro’s team confronted Arati’s group, sparking the chaotic incident that followed. Despite widespread accounts, Osoro denied being present during the initial stages of the conflict, stating he remained behind to attend to his assaulted driver. He joined the fray later, accompanied by the police.

The Fallout and Attempts at Resolution

The aftermath of the brawl has been marked by calls for Osoro’s arrest, mirroring a recent case involving another Member of Parliament and a Member of County Assembly. Regional leaders, including Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu and Kisii Senator Richard Onyonka, have urged for a consultative meeting to address the issue and quell the rising tensions. However, Governor Arati has declined to participate in such discussions.

Demand for Osoro’s Arrest

In a show of solidarity with Arati, the governor’s allied MCAs have called for public demonstrations, demanding Osoro’s arrest for his role in the incident. In response, Osoro has presented a video clip as evidence to justify the actions of his team during the incident, asserting that the police only discharged their firearms into the air to disperse the crowd, and no one was shot during the scuffle.