Salvatore Mancuso Returns to Colombia, Sparks Controversy Amid Speculations of Testifying Against Álvaro Uribe

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Return of Mancuso to Colombia Triggers Speculation Among Leaders

Salvatore Mancuso: Back in Colombia After Serving Sentence in the U.S

On the 27th day of February, Salvatore Mancuso, who was once at the helm of the AUC, has made his way back to Colombian soil following the end of his 15-year punishment in the United States stemming from charges related to drug trafficking. This crucial development has led to a flurry of reactions, particularly coming from figures from the Democratic Center party.

The Speculation Surrounding Mancuso’s Return

Our sources indicate that the discussions in the political circles hint that the main reason for Mancuso’s homecoming is to bear testimony against Álvaro Uribe Vélez, an erstwhile President of Colombia, at the Special Justice for Peace (JEP). This is a possibility that has gained traction, getting various opinions and eliciting diverse reactions in and out of the party.

Response from Andrés Guerra

One such reaction that has stood out is from Andrés Guerra Hoyos, a senator hailing from Antioquia and known member of the Uribism political philosophy. According to our sources, the response from Guerra has been a mixture of bewilderment and disbelief regarding his interpretations of the motives behind Gustavo Petro, a Colombian senator, and major critic of Uribe.


The return of Salvatore Mancuso to Colombia after serving his sentence has indeed sparked a dome of speculation and assumptions within political circles. His next moves and actions will be keenly observed as they hold the potential to stir the political landscape. Whether these speculations hold any water can only be determined by time and the unfolding of future events.


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