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Hypebeast Live Event & A Revolutionary Timepiece Unveiling

Hypebeast Live to debut in Singapore with Exciting Attractions

A fresh and pulsating event known as Hypebeast Live is soon to make its first appearance, according to our sources. This dynamic occasion is celebrated for its lively vibe and a variety of activities, comprising live performances, mouth-watering foods, and innovative experiences for attendees.

Taking Place at Unique Singaporean Locations

As opposed to other existing events, the inaugural edition of Hypebeast Live is slated for the Lion City – Singapore. Specifically, this captivating event is set to light up Orchard Road at TRIFECTA, a novel site hailed as the first of its type in Asia to provide surfaces for surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding. In addition to TRIFECTA, Somerset Skate Park will embrace the overflowing energy of Hypebeast Live on the 23rd of March, 2024.

A Never-Before-Seen Clock Unveiling

Our source also brought to light the foregrounding of an extraordinary clock unveiling during this event. This timepiece promises to challenge established norms with the most complicated face ever seen in the brand’s illustrious history. This revolutionary project was no easy feat, requiring more than five months of painstaking assembly, embodying the dedication and commitment of its team.

  • Hypebeast Live: An Event to Remember

  • This groundbreaking event aims to rejuvenate Orchard Road, turning it into a hotspot teeming with life and creativity. It is all set to enthrall visitors with its blend of music, food, and inventive experiences, casting a fresh new light on Singapore’s event scene.

  • A Timepiece With a Difference

  • The much-anticipated clock unveiling is sure to stun spectators. The intricately detailed face of this timepiece, attained after months of focused effort, represents a paradigm shift. Stay tuned for this history-making revelation.

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