Rethinking Meal Pauses: Explore Movements! Series Features Viorelia Dance Centre

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The Dance Centre Presents its Innovative Discover Dance! Series

In the throbbing heart of the metropolis, there lies an oasis of tranquility — The Dance Centre. It offers a retreat where one can delve into the enchanting universe of dance. An initiative called the Discover Dance! series is revolutionizing the concept of the ordinary lunch break, introducing an hour of mesmerizing dance performances that replace the everyday monotony with a harmonic blend of rhythm, form, and sentiment. This distinctive series showcases new talents and choreographers, providing audiences with a window into the vibrant sphere of contemporary dance.

Spotlight on Viorelia Dance Hub

The final day of February will see Viorelia Dance Hub, a dance group based in Vancouver, under the limelight. Their most recent creation – De/Formed Revival, will be showcased. This fascinating performance fuses the elegance of movement with varying aspects of philosophy, art, literature, and psychology. Meticulously choreographed, it stars three dancers as they give life to their physical bodies in the dimensions of sculptures, mutating still art forms into pulsating manifestations.

Reflecting on the Past, Re-questioning the Present

De/Formed Revival plunges into themes of compliance, historical narratives, and metamorphosis. It challenges societal standards and urges viewers to contemplate the effect of historical context in shaping today’s world. As it navigates its way through these topics, it grants a new vantage point, prompting spectators to reevaluate their commonplace routines and perspectives. The act extends beyond pure entertainment and ventures into thought-stimulating creativity.

A Forum for Engaging Conversation

The Discover Dance! series is not just about passively watching a performance. Instead, it involves the audience in a dialogue, each act culminating in a Q&A segment with the artists. This interactive section facilitates discourse between performer and spectator, giving the audience an insight into the creative journey, the muse, and the hurdles encountered by the dancers. This transforms the entire experience from a simple exhibition to an engaging and enlightening odyssey.

Offering a refreshing, cerebral alternative to the standard noon routine, the Discover Dance! series summons you to break away from the mundane and dive into a dance phenomenon that captivates and fosters contemplation long after its conclusion.


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