Rebel projectile strikes petroleum vessel in Aden Gulf

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Oil Tanker Attacked in Gulf of Aden: A Report from Reader Wall

Details have emerged concerning a recent attack on an oil tanker, named Marlin Luanda, set ablaze in the Gulf of Aden following a targeted missile strike. A stated by reliable sources at Reader Wall, the missile was launched by the Houthi rebels.

Details of the Attack

The incident unfolded on a recent Friday evening, resulting in a fire breaking out in one of the cargo tanks of the ship. Immediate steps were taken to manage the situation using onboard firefighting equipment. Verification from US officials confirmed that a ballistic missile, set for ships, was responsible for the strike. The distress signal emitted from the distressed vessel was reciprocated by a naval ship.

Reports from on-site informants revealed the absence of injuries, and all crew members were accounted for, and pronounced safe. The occurrence, the newest among a growing number of aggressive acts by the Houthi against commercial naval shipping in the Red Sea area, happened around 60 nautical miles southeast of Aden, as verified by the UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO).

Response & Assistance

Warships quickly responded, offering aid to the attacked vessel, meanwhile issuing warnings to other ships to proceed with heightened vigilance. An official from Trafigura reassured that more military vessels were on their way to help, upholding crew safety as their strongest priority. The oil tanker, which sails under the flag of the Marshall Islands, has unexpectedly found itself a target of the Houthi naval missiles.

Houthi’s Claim of Responsibility

  • Houthi military spokesman, Yaha Sarea confirmed their role in the strike, citing the use of “suitable naval missiles” in the operation, and tagging the strike as “direct.” This latest event follows an incident occurring on the previous Friday near Aden, where two missiles were found in the water near a ship.
  • Houthis & The Red Sea Conflict

  • The Houthi group has been actively targeting commercial vessels in the Red Sea since November, a strategic move they associate with their solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, at odds with Israel.
  • Counter Actions & Sanctions

    These relentless attacks have not gone unnoticed as the US and UK have emitted airstrikes against the Houthis, simultaneously warning of amplified attacks on shipping. In line with these measures, both nations are implementing sanctions on the Iran-backed militant group to constrict its financial sources.

    A Close Watch

    This developing situation is under active scrutiny as efforts are doubled to handle the aftermath of the oil tanker’s missile attack.

    Source: Reader Wall


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