PM Viktor Orbán, OECD’s Cormann Discuss Economic Unity Amid Global Bloc Concerns

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Hungarian PM Orbán Values OECD’s Commonsensical Approach

Discussion with OECD Secretary-General

Our sources confirmed that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungary recently held meaningful conversations with the Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Mathias Cormann. The discussions pivoted around admiration for the OECD’s pragmatic and sensible methodology.

OECD: A Pivotal Partner for Hungary

The Prime Minister underscored the indispensable role of the OECD in supporting Hungary, especially in the context of upcoming interactions with the European Commission. These discussions concern the vital topic of European Union funds.

Orbán Commends OECD’s Objectivity

Orbán lauded the OECD for their unbiased and professional perspectives on several reform areas. The Prime Minister specifically referred to reforms concerning public procurements, maintaining the sustainability of the pension system, and the criticality of anti-corruption strategies.

Increased Bloc Formation Trend Concerning

Both Orbán and Cormann expressed their joint apprehension about the escalating global economic trend leaning towards bloc-formation. They also shared concerns over growing demands for decoupling and isolation.

Hungary’s Request to Ukraine

In related news from our sources, the Hungarian Minister, Szijjártó, relayed to the OECD Secretary-General a significant request from Hungary towards Ukraine. The appeal was for Ukraine to respect the rights of national minorities, which notably include Hungarians.

  • Viktor Orbán deemed the OECD’s pragmatic and down-to-earth approach as commendable
  • Orbán emphasized the vital role the OECD plays for Hungary in preparing for talks with the European Commission regarding EU funds
  • Appreciation was given to the OECD’s objective perspectives on crucial reform issues such as public procurement, pension system sustainability, and anti-corruption strategies
  • Both Orbán and Cormann outlined worries over the escalating international economic trend favouring bloc formation and increasing calls for seclusion and separation
  • Hungary petitioned Ukraine to accord respect to the rights of national minorities, inclusive of Hungarians, as conveyed by Minister Szijjártó to the OECD Secretary-General
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