Patel, Governor, Joins NEP-2020 Meeting in Vikram University

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Discussions on National Education Policy-2020 in the Golden Jubilee Auditorium

Last Friday morning, the Golden Jubilee Auditorium at our very own Vikram University was a hive of activity. The day was set aside for an all-important discussion centered around the roll-out of the National Education Policy-2020 (NEP-2020). Holding the status of chief guest was none other than the Governor of Madhya Pradesh, Mangubhai C Patel himself.

Welcoming the Guest of Honor

The Governor was greeted with an elaborate welcome ceremony, a vibrant fusion of local music and dance. To commence the significance-filled day, he was called upon to light the traditional lamp before a statue of Goddess Saraswati. This symbol of initiating wisdom and knowledge was apropos to the conference designed to focus on educational tenets.

Joint Effort towards a Brighter Academic Future

This informative discussion was set into motion in unison by Vikram University and the University Grants Commission’s Central Regional Vice-Chancellor Committee. The well-represented conference pulled in a crowd of vice-chancellors from a staggering 270 universities spread across Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. Each dedicated attendee contributed to the astronomical level of collective intellectual prowess striving to uplift the educational fabric of their regions.

Vikram University in the Spotlight

Prof. Akhilesh Kumar Pandey, Vice-Chancellor of Vikram University, was the head coordinator for the Central Region Implementation Committee. The conference was planned to assess the NEP-2020 implementation status and demystify potentially existing challenges. This event, under the university’s banner, was a firm indication of its unwavering commitment to the elevation of educational standards.

Connecting the Governor’s Travels

The Governor’s journey to Ujjain was not an isolated visit. His itinerary included travels from his base in Bhopal to the Indore airport, marking key milestones in his official tour. His active participation in the conference reiterated the need for NEP-2020 to be a success and reflected his personal dedication towards augmenting educational possibilities.

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