Neo Art International Acquires Global Rights to Amendola’s ‘Cassamortari’ Trilogy, Expands Market Presence

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Neo Art International Diversifies Portfolio with Acquisition of ‘Cassamortari’

Our source confirmed the exciting news that Neo Art International, an emerging sales agency, has successfully acquired the global sales rights, excluding Italy, to the unique black comedy film trilogy ‘Cassamortari’, also known as ‘Funeral Family’. The trilogy is directed by renowned Italian filmmaker Claudio Amendola and produced in association with Paco Cinematografica and Neo Art Producciones.

‘Cassamortari’ Trilogy: A Unique Depiction of Funeral Business

What sets the ‘Cassamortari’ trilogy apart is its unique depiction of the funeral business, seen through the eyes of the quirky Pasti Family in Rome. The first film in the trilogy, which marked its presence as an Amazon Exclusive in Italy in 2022, has become highly popular for its unusual storyline.

The trilogy chronicles the journey of the Pasti Brothers as they evolve into VIP gravediggers, while the sequel introduces an unpredictable half-sister into the mix. According to our source, the final installment of the trilogy is currently in the works, with main photography scheduled to commence by the end of the year.

Neo Art International: Expanding Offerings and Breaking into Television

Neo Art International, under the able leadership of Antonia Nava and Liliana Bravo, has been broadening its horizons in the film industry. Diversification efforts include the addition of a production services division aimed at leveraging Spain’s lucrative shooting incentives.

In addition to these ventures, the agency is making moves in the world of TV with ‘The Wicked Game’, a thrilling Nordic noir. This marks their first-time cooperation with the Scandinavian market and their debut TV series project.

Neo Art’s Presence at the Málaga Film Festival

The expansion of Neo Art International was highly visible at the recent Málaga Film Festival, where the agency presented its diverse range of projects. This included ‘I’m the Boss’, a delightful family comedy, directed by Federico Moccia, in the portfolio.

This strategic expansion and diversification by Neo Art International reinforce its commitment to bringing unique, compelling stories to a global audience, positioning it as a key player in the international film industry.


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