Nagaland Governor requests ‘comprehensive deliberation’ on Central’s decree to barricade India-Myanmar frontier

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Latest Nagaland News: A Thorough Discussion is Needed on Fencing the India-Myanmar Border, says Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio

The Chief Minister of Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio, announced his viewpoint regarding Centre’s proposition to fence the India-Myanmar border on January 26th. He insisted that this decision needs to be thoroughly debated before it is implemented.

The Government’s Consultation with the People

When questioned by reporters regarding the state’s stance on the issue, Rio mentioned that the government has to communicate with the people. He expressed his belief that if the need arises, they would need to derive a formula to resolve the issue in favor of the people. Rio also emphasized the importance of avoiding any unwanted infiltration as Nagaland shares borders with Myanmar, and Nagas are present on both the sides.

Reality of Nagaland Inhabitants

Rio, an ally of the BJP, shed light on the fact that while many residents live on the Indian side, their farms are located on the other side.

Point of View of the Union Home Minister

Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, had previosly stated the government’s intention to cease the free movement of people at the India-Myanmar border. He spoke about entirely fencing it, just like the country’s boundary with Bangladesh, so that it can be safeguarded properly.

The Next Steps

Deputy Chief Minister Y Patton announced on Monday that the government of Nagaland will organize meetings with other northeastern states that also share a border with Myanmar. Following these discussions, the states would approach the Centre about the issue.

Views of Naga Civil Society Organizations

Various Naga civil society organizations and NSCN-IM have voiced their disagreement with the Centre’s decisions. They believe that this would “split” the Nagas residing on the two sides of the border.

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