Murtaza Solangi Honored in Farewell Ceremony as He Exits Caretaker Information Ministry Role

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Farewell Ceremony for Outgoing Caretaker Minister Murtaza Solangi

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in Islamabad recently held a farewell ceremony for Murtaza Solangi, the outgoing Caretaker Minister for Information, Broadcasting, and Parliamentary Affairs. This news has been exclusively received from our internal sources.

Solangi’s Achievements Recognized by the Ministry

Our sources confirmed that senior officers and officials from the ministry attended the event, acknowledging Solangi’s significant contributions during his term as the Caretaker Information Minister.

Expressions of Gratitude and Commitment by Solangi

At the event, Solangi took the opportunity to articulate his sincere thanks for the constant support he received from the ministry’s personnel. He emphasized his active efforts to uphold democracy and ensure the freedom of expression during his tenure. He further highlighted his commitment to the ministry, making it his primary aim to responsibly provide accurate and timely information to the public.

Praises by Key Ministry Figures

Several key figures in the ministry, such as the Federal Secretary for Information and Broadcasting, Shaheera Shahid, and other senior officials, expressed high praises for Solangi. They praised his steadfast leadership during demanding periods and his vital efforts in reinforced democracy and the freedom of expression.

Recognition of Solangi’s Services

The ceremony culminated with Solangi being presented with a souvenir, serving as a token of appreciation for his praiseworthy services. His departure from the ministry was marked by this poignant nod to his exemplary dedication and service.


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