Mazda’s Upcoming EVs to Utilize Tesla’s Supercharger Infrastructure

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Mazda and Tesla’s Big Move in The EV Space

Japan’s well-known car firm, Mazda, has declared a crucial alliance with Tesla. The goal is to include the North American Charging Standard (NACS) into Mazda’s future electric cars. The move is a large step in Mazda’s plan to change the electric vehicle world. It aims to offer their customers better access and ease of charging their cars.

Mazda To Utilize Tesla Supercharger Network

In a statement that showcases the car industry’s fast move towards green solutions, Mazda said all its electric cars in North America from 2025 will have the NACS connector. This lets them use Tesla’s large Supercharger network that has about 15,000 charging points across North America. It is hoped this change will make charging easier for Mazda’s electric vehicle customers, help manage range fear, and increase the desire for Mazda electric cars.

Some Uncertainty in the Announcement

Though, the announcement did have some uncertainty. Mazda used “will launch”, instead of “will be sold”, which made the timeline less clear. This suggests Mazda may not introduce any new electric cars this year, or that the cars that do come out may not have the NACS connector. Even with this uncertainty, Mazda remains firm in its key value of focusing on the customer’s needs.

Mazda’s Aim for ‘Joy of Driving’ and ‘Joy of Living’

Despite any uncertainty, Mazda continues to focus on bringing both ‘Joy of Driving’ and the ‘Joy of Living’ by providing great experiences for its customers. The company continues to work on improving its electric cars to meet the needs of customers who care about the environment. They continue to stay true to their goal of making cars that are more than transport. They hope to provide a joyful, sustainable drive that matches with the customer’s lifestyle and values.


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