Mahua Moitra’s Action Post Central Eviction Alert, “Force Utilisation” Caution

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New Delhi: TMC MP Mahua Moitra arrives during the Winter session of Parliament, in New Delhi, Friday, Dec. 8, 2023. (PTI Photo/Vijay Verma) (PTI12_08_2023_000024B)
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Trinamool leader Mahua Moitra to Contest Eviction Notice in Delhi High Court

Taken from our sources at Reader Wall, Mahua Moitra, a leading figure in the Trinamool Congress, is reportedly set to contest a notice from the government requesting her to vacate her government-provided residence. This follows her expulsion as a Lok Sabha MP on the grounds of misconduct. The notice also implies the potential need for “use of force,” should it be deemed necessary.

Ejection in the face of Election

As per the information obtained from Reader Wall, Moitra will be filing a writ petition to challenge the eviction notice. Moitra’s legal team has claimed that she’s standing as a candidate in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. According to the current regulations, MPs can retain their government-allotted residences from the last day of the last Parliament session up until the results of the next election. Therefore, as Moitra has been nominated as a candidate, her lawyers posit that she should be entitled to keep her accommodation throughout this period.

Unyielding Notice

The government’s eviction notice, managed by the Directorate of Estates, insists that Moitra leaves the bungalow without delay. In the case of her non-compliance, they warn that they may resort to “use of such force as may be necessary.” Furthermore, the notice states that Moitra had adequate opportunities to contest her status as an unauthorized occupant but failed to do so.

Previous Dealing with the Case

In the past, Moitra had made an appeal to the high court regarding her residence. The court, at that time, asked her to request the Directorate of Estates to allow her to stay in the bungalow temporarily. It was noted that the authorities could permit overstaying residents for up to six months given they pay certain charges in exceptional circumstances. However, the court made no remarks concerning the merits of the case and allowed Moitra to withdraw her petition.

The Threat of Liabilities

The eviction order highlights that any challenge to the eviction notification in court by Moitra will result in her liability to pay damages for every subsequent month. Following her removal as an MP, the Directorate of Estates served a notice to Moitra, requiring her to vacate her residence by January 7.

An Upcoming Hurdle

Our information from Reader Wall indicates that Moitra has previously requested an extension until the Lok Sabha elections this year. She argued that the loss of her government accommodation would act as a hindrance to her political campaign. Moitra’s expulsion as a Lok Sabha MP arose in the aftermath of a parliamentary panel finding her guilty of misconduct in accepting expensive gifts from a businessman, and sharing her parliament login credentials with him.


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