Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan’s Displeasure at Event Sparks Discussion on Decorum

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Chief Minister Vijayan Expresses Discontent at Public Event ‘Insafi’

In a recent incident at the ‘New Kerala’ initiative event, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan expressed his annoyance towards an overly verbose presenter. This event was hosted by the Minorities Department under the name ‘Insafi’ and the Chief Minister was not pleased with the moderator that thanked him for his inaugural speech.

Vijayan’s Discontent

It is widely known that Vijayan has a quick temper, and previous instances of public displays of disappointment are not new. During the ‘Insafi’ event, the Chief Minister interrupted the presenter, conveying his discontent with the extra comments.

This particular reaction of Vijayan shows his affinity for brevity and sheds light on his keen sense of event protocol. He had intentionally kept his own speech short ensuring not to consume other presenters’ time. Furthermore, his plan was to provide a response speech after addressing the queries from the audience.

Other Participants at the ‘New Kerala’ Event

Other notable presences at the event included Revenue Minister K Rajan and Minister V Abdurahiman. Their participation added further spotlight to the ‘Insafi’ segment of the ‘New Kerala’ initiative.

Previous Instances of Vijayan’s Public Discontent

The recent episode at the ‘Insafi’ event is not the first instance of Vijayan showing irritation at public occasions. Our sources report similar episodes of his annoyance during the inauguration of the Kerala Real Estate Regulatory Authority and at the foundation stone laying ceremony for SunTec’s new campus.

These instances underline Chief Minister Vijayan’s demand for respect towards event protocols and his dislike for unnecessary verbosity in public dialogs. Such expectations, as seen, come to light with such public displays of his discontent, fostering a unique image of him in public life.

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