Kadella Display 2024: A Property Owning Occasion with a Monetary Advantage

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Discover the Latest in Home Living at Kadella Exhibition 2024

From its location in the cultural hub of Sri Lanka, the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) is set to host the much-anticipated Kadella Exhibition 2024. This flagship homeowner event, assembled by CEC Events Ltd, opens its doors between January 26 and 28 and invites all and sundry. With over 150 participating outlets, this exhibition serves as a vibrant marketplace for home-related products and a sneak peek into the industry’s upcoming trends. However, the Kadella Exhibition offers more than just ordinary commerce—it’s a platform designed to provide custom solutions for the modern home living experience.

taking a step to the Kadella Experience

The exhibition stands, alive with activity and enthusiasm, will display an expansive arena of products and facilities. The assortment spans from home appliances and furniture to crafts, tiling, washroom fittings, and smart home technology. Whether you’re looking for the latest power-saving home appliances or intriguing smart home-mechanisms, Kadella Exhibition 2024 is a paradise for home décor connoisseurs and future homeowners.

National Development Bank PLC: Guiding Financial Partners

National Development Bank PLC (NDB), the Official Banking Partner, extends financial depth to the event. NDB, ranked among the leading commercial banks in Sri Lanka, holds an impressive track record and has bagged numerous accolades for outstanding banking services. Within its designated outlet, NDB will offer expert guidance on home loans, thereby delivering custom financial solutions to future homeowners.

Engagement of NDB Bank: Beyond the Realm of Traditional Banking

However, NDB’s role exceeds that of being merely a banking ally. It is committed to helping attendees realize their home-ownership dreams by offering complimentary legal and technical consultancy on home loans. With a clear mission to assist individuals in making informed choices and realize their vision for fashionable and comfortable homes, NDB looks forward to a productive involvement in the exhibition and engage meaningfully with prospective homeowners.

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