Jury directs Donald Trump to remit $83 million to Jean Carroll for slander damages

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Donald Trump Ordered to Pay $83.3 Million in Defamation Case

In recent news obtained by our sources at Reader Wall, a jury from New York has demanded Donald Trump, former U.S. President planning to run for office again in 2024, pay a hefty sum of $83.3 million to writer E. Jean Carroll due to charges of sexual assault and defamation.

Jury’s Verdict

The decision from the jury has evoked significant responses across the nation. The civil order, which has been exceeded for over $10 million in compensation for defamation, has caused public astonishment. Mr. Trump, upon receiving the verdict, gave an immediate reaction coining it as “ridiculous” and stated his intent to appeal against it.

The jury came to this conclusion after approximately three hours of deliberation. During the readings of the compensatory and punitive damages, Mr. Trump was not present in court. His lawyer, Alina Habba, shared her gratitude to the court staff post-the verdict.

The Breakdown of the Order

The total sum of the order was a massive $65 million in punitive damages. This was reached after Mr. Trump was found to have maliciously spoken out about Ms. Carroll in public. There is an additional $7.3 million in reparations for damages and $11 million set aside for a reputation repair program.

Trump, who is facing accusations for sexually assaulting Ms. Carroll, has taken to his Truth Social platform to share insult-ridden messages about Ms. Carroll, the court, and Judge Lewis Kaplan. In these messages, he refers to him as an “extremely abusive individual.”

Courtroom Incidents

During an intense trial, Mr. Trump presented his argument, complying to only answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a limit of three questions created by his lawyers. This decision was taken to prevent any public defamation of Carroll and unfair treatment of the court by the Republican leader. During his abrupt exit from the courtroom, he made a bold statement, “This is not America.”

The Ongoing Trials

On top of this civil lawsuit, Mr. Trump is facing several criminal cases for attempting to manipulate the 2020 Presidential election results, which he lost to Joe Biden. He is also under scrutiny for potential business fraud.

Despite these trials, he has used this media coverage as a catalyst for his campaigns, and to substantiate his claims of being a victim.

The Testimony of E. Jean Carroll

In a federal trial last year, Ms. Carroll claimed that Mr. Trump sexually assaulted her in a dressing room in 1996. She recounted her defamation in 2022 when Trump referred to her as a “complete con job.”

During the proceedings, the jurors were shown Mr. Trump’s deposition from October 2022 where he mistakingly identified a picture of Ms. Carroll for that of his ex-wife, Marla Maples. This incident created doubts on his previously stated claim that Ms. Carroll was not his “type.”

While campaigning ahead of winning the New Hampshire primary, Mr. Trump was present in court and managed to overcome Nikki Haley, his only competitor. He is aiming to be the Republican nominee against Mr. Biden in the November election.

Public Comments

Followers of this high-profile case had a lot to say in response to the jury’s ruling (specific comments). This controversial payout has rapidly become the topic of national debate.

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