Jake Walsh Lands Minor League Deal with Atlanta Braves, Aims Revival

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Jake Walsh: Revamped Career Chance with Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves, a high profile team belonging to Major League Baseball (MLB), has breathed new life into the wavering career of Jake Walsh, a right-handed pitcher. The 28-year-old sportsman has successfully inked a minor league agreement with the Braves, with an additional major league Spring Training invitation. Formerly beginning his career as a starting pitcher, Walsh moved to the bullpen in 2021 – a strategic career move that could potentially empower him to solidify his team line-up in the Braves.

Journey through the St. Louis Cardinals

Walsh was initially drafted in by the St. Louis Cardinals during the 16th round of the 2017 MLB draft. His time with the Cardinals demonstrated promising potential, particularly within the minor leagues, where he managed to maintain an impressive 2.17 ERA and a commendable strikeout rate. However, frequent injuries limited his time on the field.

Despite an auspicious start, Walsh’s brief major league debut in May 2022 fell short of expectations, with four conceded runs over just a 2-inning span. Following this, he experienced a major performance setback the following season, with a marked increase in his ERA to 5.28 and a substantial decrease in strikeout rates. As a result of his declining form, Cardinals decided to release Walsh in July.

A Fresh Start with the Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves’ bullpen presently features a number of influential players such as Raisel Iglesias and A.J. Minter. Despite struggling to land a permanent position with another team for the second half of the 2023 season, Walsh plans to rejuvenate his career with the Braves. Given his past experience and success as a reliever, Walsh could potentially emerge as a strong support role contender, assuming he successfully overcomes his previous injury barriers.

Spring Training: A Glimpse into the Future

With Spring Training on the horizon, Walsh can expect to face intense competition from other non-roster invitees as well as other pitchers operating within the Braves’ system. Nevertheless, his contract with the Braves signifies a potential turning point and a chance to secure a spot in the bullpen. It may also add substance to the Braves’ pitching staff, as they strategize to enhance their player roster for the upcoming season.


The inclusion of Jake Walsh to the Braves’ ranks could potentially bring a valuable player to their bullpen, indirectly contributing to their campaign push. As Walsh forges ahead, he remains hopeful of reviving his careers and fans await to see what the 2023 season holds for his journey through the major leagues.

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