Historic Jacobite Broadsword from Culloden Battle Expected to Spark International Bidding War

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Historic 18th Century Broadsword Awaits Auction

One of our sources have confirmed that a historically significant 18th-century basket hilted broadsword, known for its connection to the Battle of Culloden in 1746, is scheduled to be auctioned. Interestingly, this antique blade has been under Scottish ownership for over a century. Despite its age and rusted condition, the sword carries a significant historical value that extends beyond its physical condition.

Connection to the Battle of Culloden

The iconic sword was recovered from Culloden Moor, the historic locale where Bonnie Prince Charlie’s forces met their defeat on April 16, 1746. This pivotal battle led to the end of the Jacobite Rising of 1745, signaling the ceasing of substantial tries to reinstate the Stuart monarchy. Being a tangible testament from this era, the sword stands as a captivating artefact telling stories of a critical time in Scotland’s history.

Features of the Broadsword

The sword takes the viewer down history lane with its remarkable features. Engraved with the armourer’s marks, the antique weapon has a double-edged blade measuring 87cm in length, giving it a powerful and commanding presence. Each mark on the sword manifests the history it has witnessed and contributes to its invaluable importance.

Auction Expectations

The estimated auction price for the broadsword ranges from £500 to £800. However, given its historical significance and international interest in memorabilia associated with the Jacobite uprisings, experts have hinted at the possibility of it surpassing the estimated price range.

Global Anticipation for the Sale

The auction is planned to be an online event from March 11-21, inviting global participation. The anticipation is palpable considering the global attention that Jacobite artefacts typically garner. This sale represents more than just an opportunity to acquire an 18th-century broadsword; it provides a unique chance for history aficionados to own an irreplaceable piece of Scotland’s past.

In conclusion

This impending auction is an event to look out for, whether one is an antique collector, history enthusiast, or simply someone captivated by the past’s enduring influence. As we await the final bid on this broadsword, it serves as an excellent reminder of our complex history, and the enduring legacy of the Jacobite uprisings.

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