High Court’s Unique Session Today Over Judge Against Judge In Supreme Court

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Supreme Court Schedules Special Hearing for Calcutta High Court

Details of Unprecedented Accusations

News has emerged from the source of Reader Wall about an unusual situtation, following Calcutta High Court Judge, Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay, making accusations against his colleague. The Supreme Court will conduct a special hearing today, in response to these accusations.

Judiciary Conflict Sparks Attention

Chief Justice DY Chandrachud, along with four other senior judges of the Supreme Court, will oversee the hearing, scheduled for 10:30 am.

Accusations Unveil Political Controversy

Justice Soumen Sen, the judge at the center of Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay’s claims, was accused of working for a political party while maintaining his role on a division bench. This bench previously upheld a stay order for an investigation into medical admission irregularities.

CBI Probe Ordered but Overturned

Justice Gangopadhyay initially ordered the Central Bureau of Investigation, or CBI, to conduct an inquiry into allegations of counterfeit caste certificates in the region of Bengal. However, his directive was overturned by Justice Sen’s division bench, prompting Justice Gangopadhyay to revive the case and once again instruct the CBI to proceed with the investigation.

Justice Gangopadhyay’s Response

Ignoring the division bench’s orders and calling for the Supreme Court’s reassessment of Justice Sen’s proceedings, Justice Gangopadhyay openly accused Justice Sen of serving a political party.

Justice Sen’s Alleged Misconduct

“Justice Sen aligns himself with a particular political entity in our state. Given this possibility, it is essential for the Supreme Court to review the orders passed in state-related cases. He seems interested in protecting a political party instead of upholding unbiased justice, and this clearly equates to misconduct,” Justice Gangopadhyay said.

Furthermore, questions about Justice Sen’s continued role in the Calcutta High Court have been raised, despite a suggested transfer by the Supreme Court Collegium in 2021.

Revealed Chat Ignites Tensions

Unveiling purported private communications between judges, Justice Gangopadhyay alleged that Justice Sen had privately discussed Abhishek Banerjee’s political prospects with Justice Amrita Sinha. Justice Sen supposedly expressed the opinion that Banerjee’s political path should not be disturbed.

Justice Sinha then reported this incident to the Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court, who brought it to the attention of the Chief Justice of India, according to claims made by Justice Gangopadhyay.

Previous Reprimand for Justice Gangopadhyay

Other significant piece of information from our source, Reader Wall, was Justice Gangopadhyay had been previously reprimanded by the Supreme Court for talking to the press about active cases. His remarks, often interpreted as political, have been largely deemed critical of the state’s ruling party, the Trinamool Congress (TMC). As a result, the TMC has demanded that he relinquish his judicial duties and pursue his political aspirations instead.

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