Harmony Week at Bella Vista Pocket Park: Celebrating The Hills Shire’s Cultural Diversity

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All Set for Harmony Week Celebrations in Bella Vista Pocket Park

The Hills Shire Council in collaboration with Landcom and the Community Migrant Resource Centre is gearing up to commemorate Harmony Week. The festive event will be taking place at Bella Vista Pocket Park on Friday, 22 March. The core aim of this occasion is to appreciate multiculturalism and diversity, showcasing cultural performances, serving food from various trucks, and offering free craft activities.

Harmony Week: A Reminder of Inclusion and Respect

Harmony week serves as a yearly token of the significance of inclusiveness, courtesy, and a feeling of kinship for all Australians, irrespective of their cultural lineage. Dr. Peter Gangemi, the Mayor of The Hills Shire, brought attention to the region’s diversity and stated that approximately half of the shire’s inhabitants were born in foreign countries. Their unique perspectives and shared experiences contribute significantly to the richness of the community.

Landcom and the Community Migrant Resource Centre Supporting Harmony Week

Adam Turnbull, a representative from Landcom, and Melissa Monteiro from the Community Migrant Resource Centre have both articulated immense pride in supporting Harmony Week. They underscored its critical role in advocating community cohesion and the principles of sustainable development.

The Symbolism and Message of Harmony Week

The event underscores the potent message that ‘everyone belongs’. This notion is further bolstered by the adoption of the color orange, which symbolizes social interaction and the generation of fresh ideas. The festivity also mirrors Australia’s prolonged history of welcoming immigrants.

It is notable that since 1945, over 7.5 million individuals have migrated to Australia, adding to its rich cultural diversity. The 2021 Census revealed that 40.4% of individuals in The Hills Shire were born overseas, with India, China, and the United Kingdom as the dominant countries of origin.

Our Contribution to the Affirmation of Diversity

At The Reader Wall, we celebrate the affirmation of diversity and the interweaving of myriad cultures that contribute to the rich tapestry that is Australia. Our sources indicate that this generous acknowledgement of multicultural community components contributes to developing a vibrant, accepting, and dynamic community culture.


Harmony Week remains a powerful demonstration of the values we hold dear: respect, inclusiveness, and a sense of belonging for all. It’s an event celebrating the diverse cultures that make our society rich and vibrant. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for all Australians, both native and born overseas, to share and learn from each other’s heritage, forming stronger, more connected communities.


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