Ex-Lawmaker Reveals Financial Drives Behind Unrest in Plateau State, Nigeria

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Unmasking the Root Cause of Insecurity in Plateau State

Recently, former Representative Dachung Musa Bagos shed some light on the widespread insecurity and killings in Plateau state, Nigeria. Contrary to widespread beliefs, according to Bagos, the root causes are not anchored on religious or ethnic differences. Instead, he placed the spotlight on land grabbers making use of communal conflicts to further their illicit mining and agricultural enterprises.

Tracing the True Cause of Conflicts

From Bagos’ vantage point, the real culprit behind the violence in Plateau state is land grabbing made possible by a scheme aimed at exploitation for economic gain. Careful consideration of these covert motives emphasizes the necessity of addressing the economic interests at the root of the conflicts.

The Need for a Shift in Conflict Perspectives

Bagos points out that misleading narratives have been promoted excessively, emphasizing the importance of correct understanding when dealing with causes of insecurity. As a solution, he suggests a thorough diagnosis of the issues which will subsequently inform a more comprehensive and effective plan of action.

Unraveling the Economic Motives behind Insecurity

From the look of things, the exploitation of resources such as agricultural land and mining seem to be fueling the violent eruptions. Bagos’ analysis shows the correlation between economic gains and rising insecurity. His subsequent call-out on the lukewarm reaction of security agencies to the killings highlights the important role of law enforcement and accountability in securing justice and restoring peace in communities affected by violence.

The insight shared by Bagos is not only relevant to Plateau state but also sheds light on security challenges facing other regions with similar crises. This richer perspective enriches the understanding of the factors contributing to insecurity in Nigeria.

In line with these, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Abbas Tajudeen, reiterated his dedication towards finding sustainable solutions to the security issues in the North and other parts of the country. His commitment underlines the significance of addressing Plateau state’s situation from a national security standpoint.

The severity of the circumstances in Plateau state is further heightened by direct accounts of residents who’ve borne the brunt of the violent onslaught. The number of lives lost and the destruction of communities underscore the pressing need for effective measures to tackle insecurity at its roots to forestall further cycles of violence.

In summary, the perspectives shared by Dachung Musa Bagos shed important light on the multi-faceted causes of insecurity in Plateau state. His call for a strategic and all-encompassing approach signifies the importance of a deeper understanding of the varied factors driving the region’s conflict.

Elijah Muhammad