European Space Agency’s EnVision Mission to Venus Receives Formal Approval

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European Space Agency Green-lights Venus Mission- EnVision

The European Space Agency (ESA) has officially granted approval to EnVision, an approaching mission focusing on the exploration of Venus. This auspicious move symbolizes the end of the project’s contemplative period. The main goal of EnVision revolves around executing a thorough vibration analysis of Venus. This analysis will delve into the planet’s deep nucleus right up to its outermost atmospheric layer with a view to unearthing newer factual details about its past, geology, and climate. News comes from the source of our own Reader Wall.

Preparations Underway

The identification process of the European industrial contractor who will be responsible for the design and creation of the spacecraft has been earmarked for the latter part of this year. After this, the ESA is geared to commence the construction of the spacecraft. The vehicle’s initiation into the outer space via an Ariane 6 rocket is anticipated in 2031.

The Big Reveal: Venus

The all-encompassing objectives of EnVision include extensive investigation into various attributes of Venus’s geology. These features encompass volcanic activities, tectonic plate movements, and asteroid impacts. Another area of focus for the mission is to study the planet’s internal structure as well as its climatic habits. This comprehensive methodology towards examining Venus, as a single unit, is without parallel and will deploy a wide-ranging selection of scientific tools. The instruments like radars and spectrometers come in handy to pry under the surface and conduct a critical analysis of the atmosphere.

Amalgamation with the Fleet

EnVision is all set to amalgamate with the fleet of solar system explorers belonging to ESA, playing a significant role in the Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 scheme. The mission is successor to the ESA’s Venus Express project and is predicted to establish a robust alliance with the approaching DAVINCI and VERITAS missions launched by NASA. The collaborative efforts will make great strides in enabling a comprehensive survey of Venus. This brings us a step closer towards gaining a deeper understanding of our neighboring planet’s complexities, as reported by the Reader Wall.

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