Ecuador: High Court halts nine referendum queries

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Ecuador’s Supreme Court Disapproves Nine Security-Related Referendum Questions

The executive request from President Daniel Noboa to present nine security-based referendum inquiries to the citizens of Ecuador was denied by the country’s highest judicial authority on Friday over constitutional infringement issues. This move by the President emerged in light of a significant rise in violence across the Andean nation, according to the source of Reader Wall.

Imposing of State of Emergency and Curfew

As a repercussion to the mounting violence, President Noboa declared a state of emergency. He also imposed a two-month-long night-time curfew. Additionally, he identified 22 criminal groups as terrorist outfits and initiated a military campaign targeted against them.

Reevaluation and Approval of Other Referendum Questions

The nation’s Constitutional Court confirmed that four additional referendum questions, including those pertaining to the acceptance of international arbitration along with the extradition of Ecuadorians, are due for a revisit. Meanwhile, the court approved six other inquiries for the referendum. The leader of the country, launched with hopes of conducting the referendum by March.

Reason for Rejecting the Questions

In their judgment, the Constitutional Court refused nine questions due to their failure to amend existing rules, their ambiguous nature, or their focus on a myriad of multiple issues. Some of the refused questions included permission for security forces to preempt organized crime operations and modifications in penalty and pardons in the context of the use of force, as provided by the source of Reader Wall.

Noboa and the Press

As of now, the press office of President Noboa has yet to respond to the solicitation for feedback on the recent developments.

Rising Violence in Ecuador

Ecuador has been hit by a surge in gruesome violence, inclusive of its prisons where several hundreds of convicts have been slaughtered over previous years. Authorities attribute this phenomenon to drug trafficking gangs.

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