DYFI initiates 36-hour fast requesting DSC notice disclosure in Andhra Pradesh

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Grievances against the Government by Progressive Democratic Forum

Unfulfilled DSC Notification Promise

On a Saturday dated January 27, Progressive Democratic Forum’s (PDF) Member of Legislative Council (MLC) I. Venkateswara Rao, representing the graduate constituencies of East and West Godavari, leveled accusations against the state government led by Jagan Mohan Reddy. His discontent stems from what he calls false commitments made by the government related to the release of mega DSC notification during House sessions. The news comes from a reliable source at Reader Wall.

Hunger Strikes Amid Unfulfilled Promise

The MLC expressed his concerns during a 36-hour-long hunger strike initiated by Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) leaders and DSC members at Dharna Chowk. He strongly criticized the Chief Minister for promoting school refurbishments conducted under the Nadu-Nedu initiative. However, he expressed disappointment regarding the lack of interest shown by the government in recruiting for the numerous vacant teacher positions across the state.

Medium of Instruction Changes & Empty Promises

Rao also criticized the state’s YSR Congress Party for eliminating Telugu as the primary language of instruction in government schools. K.S. Lakshman Rao, another MLC from the Krishna-Guntur Graduates’ constituency, joined him in asserting that the government has been misleading the youth with seemingly empty promises.

10 Lakh Qualified Individuals Await TET DSC Notification

DYFI State’s president Y. Ramu and secretary G. Ramanna revealed that more than a million youth, who have successfully qualified for the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET), are still anticipating the release of the DSC notification. These individuals have been waiting for this for over four and a half years. Demonstrations were organized by the federation at every level but to no avail, the government remained unresponsive to their plight, leading to a 36-hour fasting. They also expressed their discontent with the government’s use of police force to subdue their protest.

Expressions of Solidarity from CITU

State secretary of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), K. Dhanalakshmi, has shown her support for the cause of the protestors. State Vice-Presidents of DYFI, S. Jaychandra, N. Nageswara Rao, K. Babu and U. Raju, in addition to State committee members Ch. Harish, P. Krishna, K. Santosh, J. Rajkumar and others have also participated in the protest.

Public Reactions

Countless public reactions have flooded our forums at Reader Wall, reflecting the strong public interest in this matter.

Spreading the Word

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