Dragon Ball Unveils Character-Based Baking Molds on Continuous Series Triumph

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Dragon Ball Introduces Novelty Baking Tools As Part of 40th Anniversary Celebrations

All set to unleash quintessential flavors of the past, the Dragon Ball series has launched all-new baking toolsets derived from its seminal characters. As the franchise marks its 40th anniversary, it presents this innovative conception displaying two unique baking molds reflecting notable characters from the legendary Dragon Ball Z ‘Majin Buu’ storyline.

‘Curses! I’m a Cookie! Dabura Cookie Cutter’: A Step into Character Artistry

Cast in the vanguard, we find the ‘Curses! I’m a Cookie! Dabura Cookie Cutter,’ an ideal embodiment of the mystique character Dabura, encompassing his intense gaze, iconic mustache, and symbolic emblem adorning his forehead. This novel baking tool brings alive the character details, giving fans a slice of nostalgia while they bake.

The Sweet Temptation: ‘Pow! I’m Chocolate! Majin Buu Chocolate Mold’

Coming next in the line is the ‘Pow! I’m Chocolate! Majin Buu Chocolate Mold,’ fashioned after the remarkable villain ‘Good/Fat’ Majin Buu from the series. This mold, capturing the character’s playful persona allows fans to craft their favorite villain into alluring chocolate bites, relishing the otherworldly delight of the series in a quite literal sense.

Dragon Ball’s Unyielding Momentum

The introduction of these baking molds speaks of the unabated appeal of the Dragon Ball series. The tools allow fans to craft food items inspired by their cherished characters, providing an additional dimension of interaction with the franchise. The series continues to fascinate fans as Akira Toriyama remains invested in the storytelling of Dragon Ball Super and the forthcoming 40th-anniversary anime series Dragon Ball Daima. This fresh series forecasts a journey back to the roots of the franchise, transforming Goku and comrades back into children, while reviving classic elements that resonate fondly with the fans.

Unveiling Potential Narratives: Saiyans in Dragon Ball Super

In the midst of the buzz around the new baking tools and upcoming anime series, Dragon Ball Super’s artist Toyotarou expressed aspirations for the reincarnation of a forgotten Saiyan character through a fresh storyline. This potential plot twist hints at the franchise’s dedication towards unveiling unexplored narratives, assuring fans with the promise of unprecedented journeys in the well-loved Dragon Ball universe. Both the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super manga series are available from our source, and the anime series can be accessed through popular streaming platforms.


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