DAS Tech Launches Industry-Shifting SaaS Products at NADA Assembly

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Today, We Share Exclusive Insights from DAS Technology’s Showcase at NADA’s Annual Event

Our sources confirm that DAS Technology, renowned as a progressive player within the auto-industry’s consumer engagement niche, made a mark at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) annual convention held in Las Vegas. The central attention was on its innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, primarily developed to magnify dealership sales and service efficiency. These offerings are a part of DAS Technology’s Consumer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP), which is reshaping the trajectory of the auto-purchasing experience and strengthening consumer interaction.

Introduction of Dynamic Features

Our sources highlight some of the brand-new features unveiled by DAS Technology. These encompass real-time lead quoting, nurturing prospective clients, service messaging, SMS improvements, among collaborations for inventory merchandising. The goal behind these enhancements is dual faceted. On one hand, they are designed to boost the consumer experience. On the other hand, they aim to escalate the sales conversion ratio and amplify service profitability. For example, the real-time lead quoting feature enables dealers to offer on-the-spot quotes, greatly enhancing the vehicle shopping journey for buyers.

Capabilities Leveraging AI and Wide-Ranging Channels

DAS Technology’s CDXP harnesses the potential of AI to extend a range of multi-channel prospects. The platform emphasizes audience growth, market segmentation, and unique messaging suggesting alternative vehicle options to consumers during their purchase journey. Our exclusive reports suggest this particular feature has been highly successful in captivating consumers and revolutionizing their auto-buying experiences.

The Role of Strategic Alliances and their Influence on Dealership Sales

Featuring an expansive network of over 200 associates, which includes elite technology firms, DAS Technology also offers sophisticated inventory merchandising and consumer targeting solutions. Based on our insiders, these solutions are meticulously crafted to boost the Returns on Investment (ROI) from digital marketing ventures. Dealerships that have adopted this innovative platform have reported a remarkable upswing in lead closing rates, demonstrating the prowess of the advancements made by DAS Technology.

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