Cyprus Prosecutor-General to Report Attorney for Disciplinary Violations

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Respected Attorney General Takes Disciplinary Action against Lawyer

Our trusted resources have revealed that lawyer Efstathios Efstathiou is under investigation by the renowned Attorney General George Savvides. Savvides is considering presenting Efstathiou to the Cyprus Bar Association for potential conduct-related transgressions following Efstathiou’s corruption allegations amongst the legal service. Savvides has outrightly negated these allegations, emphasizing that the absurdity of these claims has exhausted his patience.

Scrutiny of Legal Service Accusations

Attorney General Savvides is deliberating whether there is enough evidence to file a referral against Efstathiou to the disciplinary board. The lawyer has further accused the Attorney General of making the issue personal and thus threatening the country with potential sanctions. Nevertheless, the office of the Attorney General earlier denounced these corruption allegations. Despite exploiting the anti-corruption authority to present his allegations, Efstathiou has yet been unable to present any concrete evidence to support his claims.

Preserving the Integrity of the Legal System

In light of these allegations, Savvides has reiterated his responsibility and commitment to shield the Institution that he serves. He has reached out to the President of the Pan-Cyp Bar Association to examine the validity of the reasons for taking Efstathiou to the Disciplinary Council of Lawyers. This decisive move by the Attorney General highlights the gravity of corruption allegations and signifies his unwavering commitment to upholding the trust and integrity of the legal system in Cyprus.


It is crucial to remember that all individuals within a legal system have a duty to maintain the integrity and uphold the values of the institution. The ongoing situation reflects the seriousness with which presumptive corruption cases are handled, even when the persons involved hold high stakes in the system. As the developments unfurl, our sources will continue to provide updates on this matter.

Elijah Muhammad