Community Rallies to Raise £9,000 for Kallum Wilkes’ Funeral After Tragic A44 Crash

United Kingdom
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Young Motorbike Enthusiast Dies in Tragic Vehicle Collision

The incident that resulted in the untimely death of Kallum Wilkes, a young 18-year-old, occurred along the A44 in Monkland, near Leominster, as reported by our sources. The tragic crash, which involved Kallum’s motorcycle, a Transit van, and an Audi A6, took place on the early morning of February 27.

Kallum’s Passion for Motorcycling

Kallum was on his daily route to work when the tragedy struck. A known motorbiking enthusiast, he was engaging in his beloved hobby at the time of the unfortunate incident. Kallum was well-known and loved in his community, his loss deeply felt by all who knew him.

Fundraising Campaign to Honor Kallum’s Memory

Grappling with this immense loss, Kallum’s aunt, Tracey Horne, felt compelled to honor his memory by launching a fundraising campaign. The proceeds were primarily purposed to cover the funeral expenses, helping ease the financial burden of the grieving family during this challenging time.

Overwhelming Success of The Fundraising

The fundraising campaign received overwhelming support, successfully raising over £9,000. This immense response underlined the respectful tribute to Kallum and his passion for motorbiking.

  • Greatly Touched By The Support
  • Kallum’s family expressed their deep gratitude for the community’s involvement and support during these trying times. Louise Wilkes, Kallum’s mother, shared a heartfelt tribute on the fundraising page, relayed via our sources. The tribute conveyed her immeasurable grief and loss, a sad testament to the deep connection Kallum had forged with those around him.

Police call for Witnesses and Dashcam Footage

The local law enforcement has made a public appeal for any possible witnesses or anyone with dashcam footage from the time of the incident. Their input could prove vital in shedding light on the circumstances and cause of this devastating accident, ultimately aiding in refining traffic safety measures.

In this tragedy’s aftermath, the investigators are doing their utmost to explore all possible leads, underscoring the need for public cooperation in gathering the necessary evidence. They hope that their ongoing investigative efforts will help prevent such heartbreaking incidents from repeating in the future.